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a group of people sitting at a table

You’ve heard of these happenings — maybe you’ve even been to one: grape stomping at the winery, swimming with dolphins at the beach, a trapeze class in the last big city you visited.

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Well, there’s a new experience in Roanoke, one that will take you across the ocean to savor the rich culinary traditions of Italy. It’s called A Taste of Naples, curated by Tour Roanoke and Fortunato, one of Roanoke’s top dining destinations.





It’s perfect for office team bonding or a unique party concept or a group looking for a strikingly fun time. In 2-1/2 hours you’ll step into Fortunato’s kitchen to make a pizza baked in their custom-built, wood-fired oven. Then you’ll sidle up to one of the fanciest bars in town for a step-by-step tutorial on how to mix the best Negroni cocktail you’ve ever sipped.

a bottle of wine on a table

Along the way you’ll sample specially selected Italian wines and taste a smattering of Fortunato’s signature Neapolitan-style pizzas. You’ll hear the stories of how pizza became a staple on our tables, of how New York became the center of the pizza-verse, of what makes a Neapolitan pizza Neopolitan.




You’ll discover what lends gin its distinctive flavors, how to customize your Negroni at home and when to stir your cocktail (despite James Bond’s best advice).

This is so much more than a lunch-and-learn.

a group of people sitting at a table with a plate of pizza

Expect to employ all your senses here. You’ll feel the 800-degree heat of the pizza oven. You’ll taste the difference the Italian-made Caputo flour and house-made mozzarella make. You’ll inhale the natural fizz of a little-known Prosecco. And witness the spectacle of orange rind set on fire to release its oils — the step that puts your Negroni in a class all its own.




a group of people eating food at a restaurant

But most of all, you’ll do. Under the guidance of head chef Jeff Farmer and cocktail guru Jackie Gentry, you’ll stretch the soft pizza dough in your fists, pick fragrant leaves of basil, mix ice with a super-tall spoon as fast as the spin cycle on your washing machine.




Team or staff bonding? Birthday party? Group of friends or family? The experience is up to you. However you fashion it, know you’ll head home smarter and sated. And with memories to spare.


The Taste of Naples group adventure is offered for private groups of 8-16 guests.  It is an afternoon activity that can be scheduled Monday – Saturday.  Please contact Tour Roanoke with questions and to reserve your group’s date (540) 309-1781 or

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