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About Us

Whether you’re a first time visitor or a lifelong resident, you’re sure to have a fascinating journey looking behind the scenes at area restaurants, breweries or local farm wineries. You’ll discover new favorites and sample tasty one-of-a kind specialties and locally crafted beverages. Plus learn unique stories of our past and present tossed in for good measure.

We’re very proud to be able to provide our list of tours and to represent and showcase our partners and our cities.

Stay tuned for more fun tour adventures to come.

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Larry Landolt

Our region has much to offer, including an impressive list of culinary artisans, skilled brewers and passionate wine makers. Sometimes, however, you have to leave a place to be able to truly see what is there and what is possible. That’s part of our story. On a recent trip to Chicago, (and two food tours later), we envisioned a way to combine the vibrancy of our region, it’s colorful history, with our impressive food and wine culture and our emerging craft beer scene into unique experiences.

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It’s about food, craft beverages, history and culture – but mostly its about people – our guests and our staff! Highly trained and enthusiastic – that’s our recipe!

Amelia Glaser

Tour Guide, Food Tour Operations Manager & Ambassador

If there was ever a born Tour Guide, it’s Amelia. Originally from CA, she’s worked in film industry, owned small businesses, considers herself a “cheese specialist.” You’ll just love her!

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Becky Ingram

Tour Guide, Culinary Ambassador

Becky’s a true “foodie!” A former restaurant owner where she and her family focused on local sourcing. She just loves showcasing Roanoke – we’re so fortunate she’s on our team!

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Gilbert Yopp

Tour Guide, Culinary Ambassador

Gilbert knows local history! Rightfully so, because he was born here and has lived in Roanoke his whole life. Locals at the end of his tours say, “I’ve lived here my whole life, and never knew that!”

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Nadean Carson

Tour Guide, Craft Beer Ambassador

Nadean knows how to have fun and make people happy! As a craft beer guide, she has found a way to combine her passion and expertise of craft beer with her gift of having “never met a stranger.”

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Marcus Phelps

Tour Guide, Craft Beer Ambassador

Marcus truly loves to make his tours fun. With adoration for the brewing process and an even bigger love of people, he’s always ready to take groups on an educational and exciting craft beer tour.

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