Top Reasons To Take A Food & Cultural Tour

on October 30, 2017 | By Larry Landolt

You might have heard of this little thing called a food tour, which has been gaining popularity locally, as well as across the country. You might have even asked yourself “why take a food tour when I have already eaten at some of these places?”

What you might not be aware of are the non-food reasons and fun that you are missing out on. Sure, the food on tours is fantastic and artfully crafted by award-winning chefs. But what about the hidden gems, iconic landmarks, back alleyway secrets, and the local colorful history?  And what about the incredible bonding that happens on a food tour?  Nothing brings people together like sharing food, beverage and fun!

The Roanoke Food & Cultural Tours are a great outing for locals, visitors and also a “must do” when showing off the best of local Roanoke to friends and family.  Here are our top reasons to take a food tour wherever you may visit!


Top 8 Reasons To Take A Food Tour


1. Learn How The Pros Do It

Roanoke Food Tours 8 Reasons To Take A Food Tour

Take a look behind-the-scenes.  Some of the best parts of a food tour is getting a peak behind the “employees only” door, and getting to know more about the stories of our local chefs.  You may even pick up some pointers on iconic recipes and unique ingredients.


2. Immerse Yourself In The Culture

Roanoke Food Tours 8 Reasons To Take A Food Tour

From cultural traditions to the ways certain foods are meant to be eaten – experience a tad bit of culture from other countries. Food tours offer a great way to taste how other countries prepare their meals and to learn how much influence food from other cultures have influences your city’s culture and food scene.


3. The Iconic Locations You’ve Never Been To

Roanoke Food Tours 8 Reasons To Take A Food Tour

You know those iconic locations that every city has.  Maybe you’ve heard about them but have never visited? You hear people raving about them on Facebook and constantly see images of it on Instagram. Well go ahead and get ready to experience them on a food tour and see what all the praise has been about.


4. Bond, Laugh, And Make New Friends

Roanoke Food Tours 8 Reasons To Take A Food Tour

Get ready to meet people who are from all over the U.S. and sometimes even abroad. Seriously! You may be spending a few delicious hours with complete strangers, but trust me, by the end of the tour you all will have exchanged numbers and made plans to meet up in the future.


5. Take Pride In Supporting Local

Roanoke Food Tours 8 Reasons To Take A Food Tour

The great thing about a food tour is that you experience local, usually family-owned establishments – no chains! You often get to meet the owners and actually hear about the heart and soul they have poured into their business.


6. Get Outdoors And Walk

Roanoke Food Tours 8 Reasons To Take A Food Tour

On a food tour, you don’t drive from place to place, you walk! You aren’t stuck inside one location for half the day, but actually get to walk and see local attractions and points of interest around you. Plus, all that walking always makes me feel better about how much you’re eating.


7. Be A Tourist In Your Own Hometown

Roanoke Food Tours 8 Reasons To Take A Food Tour

Sure you may have been lived in the area for years and have passed that restaurant or landmark countless times. But chances are, the other people on your food tour are from hundreds of miles away. Marvel in the experience of seeing your hometown through the eyes of an outsider.  But we can guarantee that you’ll learn lots of fun information about your own hometown too!


8. The Food!

Roanoke Food Tours 8 Reasons To Take A Food Tour

The food of course! Food tours not only sample the best selection of local food and drinks, but they do so to tell a story. The food may be the most important part of a tour. Not only because you get to eat it, but because it helps tell the story of the the city you’re exploring.  Food is a language that expresses the culture of it’s city – think pizza in New York City, Chicago-style hot dogs or Philly cheesesteaks.  Whether its a historic food tour in Downtown Roanoke or anywhere you travel, make sure to take time to savor every bit of the food that is put in front of you. It’s there to tell you a story.


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