Mother Nature called. She wants to take you on an adventure.

on March 28, 2017

If you’re looking for things to do in Roanoke, look out your window. The mountains, rivers, hiking trails, greenways and wooded paths are calling your name.

Roanoke is so flush with outdoor amenities that we were voted the Top Adventure Large Town by Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine.

Don’t waste another beautiful day inside. Go on an adventure. Tour Roanoke offers no-hassle ways for private groups to experience all of Roanoke Valley’s outdoor adventures. Our Adventure Tours are perfect for your company staff, church groups, clubs, or a group of friends celebrating a special occasion.

Plus, if everyone in the group is over 21-years-old, you can add a trip to a local craft brewery where you’ll sample beers and learn the basics of brewing.  What’s better after some fun activity than delicious local craft beer with friends!

Tours will be catered to your group’s needs, location, time and interests.

River Adventures

Where there are mountains, there are rivers. Around here, we call them “blueways” because they offer a plethora of recreation opportunities like kayaking, tubing, and paddle boarding.

The Roanoke River blueway starts in the Blue Ridge Mountains and flows 410 miles to the Piedmont region in northeastern North Carolina. About half way from its headwaters, the river flows through Roanoke providing tranquil beauty and wildlife to Roanokers.

Courtesy of Roanoke Mountain Adventures.

Paddle Board Roanoke Adventure: Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has officially entered “cool” status among outdoor enthusiasts. You’ll stand on a wide safe board and paddle along a flat and calm portion of the Roanoke River. From your unique vantage point, you’ll see the river in a new light, and you’ll get a full-body workout.  Paddle boarders find the exercise meditative and relaxing. We think you’ll like it, too. Tour Roanoke provides all transportation, equipment, instruction, coaching, and water and snacks on the bus.

Courtesy of Twin River Outfitters.

Kayak the James Adventure: The James River blueway is the longest river in the Commonwealth. It begins just outside of Roanoke in Botetourt County and ends at the ports in Norfolk. We worked with Twin River Outfitters to find the most pristine and prettiest five miles on the James to kayak. You’ll even experience a section of Class 1 rapids. We provide the transportation to and from the James River, equipment, instruction and water and snacks on the bus.

Tubing the Roanoke or James Rivers: The best days of summer include your best people, lots of sunshine and a relaxing trip down a quiet river in a tube. What do you need to know to go tubing? Nothing except how to sit, relax and laugh with your friends. Tour Roanoke provides transportation to and from the Roanoke or James Rivers, equipment, safety instruction, and water and snacks on the bus.

Cycling Adventure

Bike the Roanoke Greenway Adventure: The Roanoke Valley is connected by a gorgeous greenway that meanders along the Roanoke River and through our charming neighborhoods and towns. The even and paved bike paths are easy to ride. The people you’ll meet along the way will wave and say “howdy.” And you’ll see parts of Roanoke’s storied railroad history and new gleaming buildings and growth. 

We partner with Roanoke Mountain Adventureand provide the transportation, bike (adjusted to fit you!), a helmet (be safe!), and water and snacks on the bus.

Climbing Adventure

Courtesy of The River Rock Climbing Gym.

Rock Climbing Adventure: Rock climb to new heights, build confidence and enjoy a full-body workout. Go rock climbing! It may look hard, but it’s not. For the young and young-at-heart, rock climbing is easy to learn and do!  If you can put one foot in front of another, you can rock climb. You provide the courage. We partner with The River Rock Climbing Gym and provide the transportation, equipment, and instruction.

Urban Adventure

Roanoke Urban Scavenger Hunt: Have a memorable night with your friends, coworkers, or group roaming through downtown Roanoke solving clues. Using technology, your creativity, and good ol’ fashioned teamwork, you’ll uncover hidden gems, iconic landmarks, back alleys, and historical markers.

Tour Roanoke will customize your Urban Scavenger Hunt to meet your group’s interests. We create clues for native Roanokers, newcomers, and visitors. Trust us, it’s a blast, and you’ll be talking about it for weeks.

Why are you still reading? Turn off the computer, put down your phone or tablet and get out there! The mountains, rivers, trails, and woodlands are waiting for you!

Questions?  Call us at 540.309.1781 or email

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