Reasons To Visit the Salt Foot Sanctuary

on March 6, 2019 | By Anne Sampson

Reasons You’ll Want to Visit the Salt Foot Sanctuary


We all know how important self-care is to our overall physical and mental health, but do we do it? Probably not.

The Salt Foot Sanctuary, part of The Spa & Adventure Center at the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center, is Roanoke’s newest venue for blissful refreshment. It’s the place to go for soothing foot soaks, targeted massage and silky, talc-free powders. Here are seven reasons you need to go right now.


1. Your Feet Will Thank You: You tend to ignore your hard-working tootsies and feet and let ‘em fend for themselves. Those dogs take an average of 5,000 steps a day (10,000 for you achievers out there). Do them a favor and immerse them in a warm soak of invigorating mineral salts, herbs, and natural clays, followed by attention from a skilled massage therapist.


2. The Rest of You will Be Grateful Too
: The foot bones (all 26 of them) are connected to the rest of you.  As your foot soak’s clay, salts and aromatic oils reduce inflammation, moisturize and ease tension, and your therapist loosens those muscular knots, your whole body will ease into a sense of well-being. The complimentary glass of wine, beer or hot herbal tea doesn’t hurt, either.


3. Your Shoulders Are Even with Your Ears: Many of us hold stress in the neck and shoulders. A calming, uplifting Tudor Revival Soak, featuring Lavender and Lemongrass essential oils combined with a head, neck and shoulders massage will work out the kinks in those stress reservoirs.



4. You Type/Swipe a Lot: We all do it – we spend too much time with our hands poised over a phone or a keyboard, resulting in tension and pain. While your feet soothe and hydrate in the Land of Milk and Honey Soak, your therapist will make your long-suffering hands and arms feel like fresh noodles.


5. You’re a Bride-to-Be: You need a break from wedding planning, a shared experience with your girl posse and pampering for all of you right before the Big Day. The Tingler Soak will infuse you with fresh new energy and outlook. The Salt Foot Sanctuary can seat four guests at a time.


6. You’re a Guy: Face it guys, you’re not typically good at self-care, and yet, you deserve it. Perhaps you think lavender, mint or oatmeal aren’t your thing (you should try them, though). Fear not, the Don’t Worry Be Hoppy Soak features bentonite clay, malted barley powder, hops and essential oils in a formulation that will relax you and ease tired muscles, while you sip a tasty complimentary craft beer.


7. You Want to Treat a Sweetie. Or a Friend. Or a Guest: Nothing says love and appreciation like a gift of blissful pampering. A soothing soak and massage, amid hand-crafted ambiance in Salt Foot Sanctuary and the style and elegance of the Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center, will create an experience you and your loved ones will want to repeat as soon as possible. You can purchase a gift certificate or, even better, join them!


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Anne Sampson

Anne Sampson is a freelance writer and photographer who enjoys cooking, being outdoors and adventures big and small. She has a studio at Gallery 202 on the Roanoke City Market. See her online at

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